BENELLI TRK 502X | 500

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The Benelli TRK 502X is a rugged and capable adventure motorcycle that’s built to explore both paved roads and uncharted territories. Its powerful 500cc engine delivers smooth acceleration and ample torque, making it easy to conquer challenging terrains and long distances. With its comfortable riding position, large fuel tank, and ample luggage capacity, the TRK 502X is ready for extended journeys and off-the-grid adventures.

Rent Quad Lesvos
Huur Quad Lesbos

For your safety: Include 2 Helmets/Moto

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*The Driver is required to have and display a valid Driver's License issued at least a year ago.
Citizens of Non-EU countries are required to have a valid international Driver's License along with their regular Driver's License.

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You are insured by large world wide insurance company