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Rent a car or motorbike at Lesvos (Lesbos) at AFFORDABLE prices!



Rent a Car or Motorbike or Scooter ADA KOSMOS company in Lesvos (Lesbos) was founded in 1977, in Athens Greece by professionals with many years of experience in the car rental business. It started off as a small car rental office and has been continuously expanding throughout the years.
After having covered the Athens and the greater Attica region, the company proceeded to establish rent a car branches elsewhere, initially in Lesvos island (you will find us there at the entrance of Molivos town, at the corner of Main road and Beach road, next to the Tourist Office and the National Bank), later in Mykonos and then in Rhodes.

During the past decade it has been offering its high quality services in other regions with the intention of servicing all of Greece.
In its many years of operation, ADA KOSMOS Rentals has provided its car & moto rental in Lesvos (Lesbos) services to more than 100.000 clients, a figure that places the company in the top positions of the list of Greek rent a car & motorcycle companies. This is due not only to the quality of the services provided, but also to its competitive prices.Our Service: Most rental companies interact with the client in a rather impersonal manner.
At ADA KOSMOS however, service is personal and amicable. The size of our clientele, which has trusted us for more than a quarter of a century, is testimony to this fact.

Our rental vehicles are delivered to the destination specified by our clients: the airport, Mytilene port, their residence or their work place, by an associate of our company, who will answer any questions our client may have. Finally, if necessary, our company will replace the car or motorcycle immediately, wasting no time whatsoever.

Our Clientele: The ADA KOSMOS Rent a Car or Motorbike company’s true strength does not lie in its advertising, but rather in the long list of clients who have honoured us with their trust since day one. Apart from our individual clients, we cater to large companies such as travel agents, hotel chains, public institutions, construction companies etc.

Our Objectives: The ADA KOSMOS Rent a Car or Motorbike objective is to constantly improve, upgrade and enhance its vehicle rental services. The company’s personnel strive not only to satisfy its clients’ car & moto rental needs, but also to anticipate them.


Does Fox offer roadside assistance?2017-08-23T05:23:30+03:00

Yes. Kosmos has an emergency 24 hours number (provide on rental agreement) to assist you if you are stranded roadside.

What should I do if I get a flat tire?2017-08-23T05:18:41+03:00

Drive the car or motorcycle to a safe place and contact Kosmos at the phone number provided on the rental agreement.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident?2017-08-23T05:16:56+03:00

First, you should call the police to complete an accident report, then immediately contact Kosmos by calling +30 69801 30000.

What should I do if I have problems with the car or motorcycle?2017-08-23T05:15:30+03:00

Call the rental location at the phone number provided on the rental agreement.

Do you require a credit card to make a reservation?2017-08-23T05:13:20+03:00

Kosmos doesn’t require a credit card to make a reservation.

What kind of documents do I need?2017-08-23T05:11:29+03:00

The primary piece of identification required to rent a vehicle at Kosmos is a valid driver’s license.

What qualifications do the additional drivers require?2017-08-23T05:10:27+03:00

Additional drivers must meet all qualifications as the primary drivers in regards to age, drive license.

Can I pick up at one location and return at another?2017-08-23T05:08:06+03:00


Do you charge to refuel the vehicle?2017-08-23T05:06:50+03:00

Yes. Vehicles must be returned with the same amount of fuel as at the start of the rental to avoid refueling charges.

Do you have GPS units available for rent?2017-08-23T05:05:48+03:00


Which credit, charge and debit cards do you accept?2017-08-23T05:05:02+03:00

At the time of rental, we require a major credit card, MasterCard or Visa.

Can I pay with cash?2017-08-23T05:03:50+03:00

Yes, cash is always accepted as payment upon return.

Does my own insurance protect me in the event of an accident?2017-08-23T05:02:45+03:00

You should call your own auto insurance company for more information.

What insurance do you offer while I’m renting?2017-08-23T05:01:49+03:00

Optional Insurance not required to rent a vehicle.

*The Driver is required to have and display a valid Driver's License issued at least a year ago.
Citizens of Non-EU countries are required to have a valid international Driver's License along with their regular Driver's License.

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