Peugeot Open Top Automatic 1.2 (D1)

Rent Car Lesvos Huur Auto Lesbos The main benefit of going for the 1.2-litre is the performance boost, which makes the 108 much more capable on rural roads and motorways, boosting its appeal for driving further afield. It can get from 0-100Km/u in 11 seconds, instead of 14.3 seconds for the 1.0-litre. Despite the [...]

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Suzuki Jimny Open Top 1.3 (E)

Rent Car Lesvos Huur auto Lesbos The Suzuki Jimny is a cheerful 4x4 that's extremely capable off-road. Its compact dimensions, durability and four-wheel drive combined with a special low-ratio gearbox specifically designed for off-roading make it surprisingly effective over rough or slippery surfaces. The Suzuki Jimny is a tiny, cheap and rival-free hardcore off-roader. [...]

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Fiat 500 Cabrio Automatic 1.2 (G)

Rent Car Cabrio Lesvos Huur Auto Lesbos Fiat gave the 500 range an overhaul in late 2015, implementing lots of updates, but only tweaking the characterful exterior with subtle changes to the lights and bumpers. A facelifted 500 is easier to spot inside, where there’s a new infotainment system, digital gauges and different upholstery. [...]

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